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Please see our Service Level Agreement For Schools for full details of the service and packages we offer, plus the SLA Agreement Form which must be completed by schools indicating which package has been chosen.

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Referral to Behaviour Support is by an Early Help Assessment Form.

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Induction Pack Assessments include:

  • Boxall
  • Observation and feedback to school
  • Meeting with parents/carers, to explore early years development and home/family life

Our mentor will provide one to one support for pupils to address their behavioural and emotional needs and identify underlying causes of behaviour. They can also act as a link between pupils and staff in school, provide strategies for staff to implement in the classroom and liaise with school on rewards for positive behaviour etc.

  • Home visits
  • 1 to 1 sessions. As part of these one to one sessions, mentors will offer packages that address the individual needs of the pupil, for example anger management, self-esteem or assertiveness. Mentors will also encourage pupils to review and reflect on incidents in school, to encourage them to understand and change future behaviour.
  • Short outings as a reward
  • Supporting transition

Our mentor will take on the Lead Professional role for the Early Help Assessment if they are the most appropriate person to do so. They may also be the Lead Professional for the Family First programme if the family qualifies for this level of support and will co-ordinate the work of the other agencies. They will either lead or attend Child Action Meetings, Core Group meetings and will contribute to the Early Help Assessment if they are not the Lead professional as appropriate. Mentors have a good knowledge and understanding of other agencies and have built excellent relationships with the professionals in those agencies. These include:

  • SEN - Special Educational Needs Assessment – supporting the Education Health and Care Plan process/liaising with the SEN team
  • CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) referrals
  • All involvements are recorded confidentially on our Social Care system
  • Providing activities to engage children and their families throughout the school holidays. Programmes include activities such as art and craft sessions, team games, cooking and trips such as cinema, horse riding, outdoor education and family days.
  • Support for pupils in transition.
  • Regular meetings with staff in school
  • Half termly report
  • Boxall report
  • Pupils at risk meetings
  • Child Action Meetings
  • Supporting and implementing managed moves, managed moves as an alternative to permanent exclusion and managed trials
  • Advice to schools around exclusions policies and procedures
  • Support to families throughout the exclusion process
  • Support with the Governing Body meeting
  • Support with the Independent Review panel
  • Re-integration of pupils into mainstream school from alternative provision

Some pupils may escalate to a state of crisis or where they are causing a high level of concern. They may be presenting with safeguarding issues to themselves and to others and may be at severe risk of permanent exclusion from school. The BS mentors and other key workers in the Inclusion Services present these pupils to the Inclusion/SEN Managers group. This group meet on a monthly basis to discuss additional support and advice that might be available for these pupils and their schools. The aim is to provide a joined up and co-ordinated response for the benefit of pupils, schools and parents/carers.

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