If the school decides that they need additional services to support your child’s emotional behavioural needs at school or provide some support at home, they can refer to us, using the Early Help Assessment. This would only be with your agreement and consent.

Some of our work with parents

  • Triple P positive parenting programme on a one to one basis or group Triple P courses in your locality.
  • Identification of issues and needs based assessments.
  • Signposting and referring to other services (see our partners below).
  • Family First programme.
  • Acting as a link/support for parents who find liaising with school difficult.
  • Early Help Assessments (if lead professional).
  • Referral to CAMHS.
  • Supporting parents at CAMHS and at professional meetings if appropriate.

If you are concerned about your child or young person's behaviour at school, we would advise that you contact your school and raise these concerns with them and/or contact your GP.