Our Purpose

The purpose and mission of Inclusion Services is to:

  • Ensure that all pupils in Bolton of school age are attending school and are admitted to school in a timely manner
  • Ensure that all pupils in Bolton are placed in an appropriate educational setting to meet the needs of each individual child and that they are achieving their potential
  • Remove barriers to education to enable identified pupils to progress with their learning
  • Ensure that pupils with social, emotional and mental health issues grasp the opportunities presented to them and make academic and vocational progress
  • Ensure that our disaffected young people and those at risk of exclusion re-engage with education as soon as it is appropriate for them to do so
  • Equip young people with the required basic, work and life skills necessary to succeed in the next stages of their lives


Our Approach

  • To ensure that the 6 services provide an holistic and consistent approach for children, young people and families and that information is appropriately shared
  • To ensure that the relationships with schools are outstanding to enable services to compliment the work of schools with individual pupils


Our Organisation

  • All Services contribute to the Service Improvement Action Plan of Education and Learning which is reviewed quarterly and is monitored by the Assistant Director
  • The Development Manager (Inclusion) reports to the Assistant Director and works closely with Primary Head Teachers in Inclusion and Engagement Head Teachers Forum and at the Bolton Learning Alliance (Secondary Head Teachers) when required


Our Meetings

  • In Year Fair Access (Primary and Secondary)
    Chaired by the Director. Ensures that all pupils in Bolton have an appropriate school placement. Head Teacher representatives meet with LA officers monthly from the Bolton PRU, Behaviour Support, Pupil and Student Services and Inclusion and Statutory Assessment to implement the protocols to ensure that pupils have access into schools and strive to have them admitted within the agreed timescale of 10 working days.

  • Inclusion Managers
    Chaired by the Development Manager (Inclusion). The Inclusion team of managers meet monthly together with SEN colleagues to consider pupils who are in crisis or at risk of permanent exclusion. Advice and guidance is given to schools to ensure that everything that can be done is in place for the pupil to enable them to make progress with their learning.


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