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We have been working in partnership with Get hooked on fishing to engage young people who have specific emotional, behavioural needs to access angling coaching sessions. The quality support and engagement of the young people during the fishing sessions have had some positive outcomes in behaviour and attendance.


What is it?

Get hooked on fishing is a registered charity that provides positive experiences, life skills and opportunities. Using mentors and qualified coaches, we engage young people in a range of angling-based activities and initiatives that are proven to develop their personal and social skills and improve their relationship with the community.

The Get hooked on fishing project was established in 2000 to prevent young people from choosing a life of crime and now has a proven track record of delivering social inclusion, improvements in school attendance, behaviour and educational achievement.

What are the benefits?

Angling is very effective intervention tool which can produce a genuine transformation in the behaviour of young people. It also improves outcomes across the breath of disadvantaged young lives while creating a greater sense of worth and purpose.

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